Wednesday, September 16, 2009



Now is the time for video making. This is a bit different this time as I we need to work in pairs with different genders. So, I decided to pair with my good friend, Safri. As we discussed last week, we agreed to the theme of food. Which is to introducethe local food from my place which is Terengganu to my friend safri. So, people who will matching our video can also get the benefits and know the loca

l and traditional food from Terengganu. Our aim is to share new knowledge to all our friends as well as to ensure that thy enjoy the video. right now, we are in the planning stage and after this we are going to shoot our video. I hope that our video can be finished on time and also the journey of making this video is not that hard. Hoping that the journey will be smooth and we can produce a good quality of video. I really hope that.

Tomorrow I will be back to my hometown to celebate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I can’t wait to get home and prepare for the eid that will come soon. After this I am going to pack all my things and not to forget all my baju raya, kasut raya, tudung and all the other stuffs. Hope nothing will be left behind. Hehehe. I also would like to wish all my Muslim friends:



Monday, September 7, 2009



Now I am in the 9th week! There are a lot of things that I’ve learnt all these while. Knowledge about the education as well as about my life. Now I am heading to a more meaningful life. I always hoping and praying for my life to be better day by day.

Last week was a bit hectic week for me as I need to catch up for the deadlines. Now I am glad as I’ve submitted all the assignments on time and I was so relieved. I know that another tasks and another assignments will come in. And I think I prepare for that as I consider this semester is synonym with the endless work and assignments. Thus, I need to be mentally and physically prepared with all the assignments.

Talking about what we have done last week, in groups, we need to our task on the book and then we need to make the notes in PowerPoint Presentation. It was good to work that way as it helped to enhance my understanding better as well as more brains to come out with brilliant ideas.

Last but not least, I want a happy life as well as learn better for this semester and ahead. Enjoy life to the fullest!

I like this quotation and I would love to share with everyone to ponder on:


"What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness."

Monday, August 31, 2009


How time flies…Now it is about 2months I am studying in UM and I can feel that I am actually happy to be here. It is like changing for the better and I hope that it will always be better and better. Now it is fasting month and I am really happy as I was able to break fast with my lovely family and get together last weekend. I am always strong when my family is always beside me and I am really thankful for that. Not to forget all my friends that cherish my life and make me happy all the time. Being far from the family, my friends are the replacement and I do treasure friendship in my life.

Talking about this course, last week we need to explore and learn about AUDIO EDITING. Which I still need learn more on that. But, I think that it is god to have the chance to learn about it as music is one of the medium in enhancing the teaching aids for my future teaching. It is important for me to learn as well as master the skills as I believe that all the knowledge is for my own good and nothing to be wasted on. I know that I will apply and use all the skills in the future and really make my activities interesting and captivating. HOPEFULLY.

I am interested in this quotation on hard work:

Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

By: Doug Firebaugh:

This quotation reflects that hard work pays. Every single thing that we need to do is all for my own good in order to get a better tomorrow as well as a bright future. Thus, it shows that we need to work and never give up in making our efforts as we want to achive the goal for a bright future.

In addition, I also need to finish up my tutorials on E-book, Photo editing and the new one Audio editing. Now I am working on it and I hope that I can finish it all on time Hopefully. I really need to work hard from now on. =)

Sunday, August 16, 2009



It’s a holiday week and I am in the mood of holiday. It is so sad as I have dozens of works to be done. Holiday is just a name for me and nothing that I can enjoy on. That’s the reality of a university students and I really need to cope and bear with it. Sometimes, I feel that this holiday just the time for me to finish up my work as after the holiday there are more to come. But, that’s life of a student right?? But, it is a bless for me as I am able to spend my precious time with my lovely family. I am so grateful to be able to gather with my family and eat my mum’s magical cook. I am putting my weight right now…oh God! Hehehe.

Reflecting on what I’ve learnt about this course last week, for me I think that It was good to be able to learn and explore new thing every day. Last week, I’ve learnt a brand new thing for me which is E-Book. For me, E-book is like a storybook or sort of information board that will be presented to the pupils. It is good because we also can insert the pictures and also the sounds or music. Thus, it will be fun and interesting to be presented to the pupils. It is also very beneficial and useful for me as a future teacher to be able to use and apply the E=book to my future pupils. It is good to vary the teaching aids as pupils will get bored easily. Thus, with the variety of teaching aids can really capture the pupil’s attention and heart. Pupils will learn better and get the information delivered effectively.

I will try my best to finish the E-book on time. Not only that, I will try to come out with beautiful and beneficial E-book to suits with my targeted audience. I hope that I can really make a difference in delivering the information by using the E-book. So, wish me luck as I really need to finish up everything on time and I need to manage my time well.


Appreciate all the things in front of us and enjoy all along the way of our journey no matter how hard it is. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Monday, August 10, 2009



=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

My life is getting better and better. I am so thankful and hope all the good things will accompany me along the way. Hopefully. Plus, it's going to be holiday next week! I can't wait for that. Being in my home town, meet my family and eat my mum's lovely dishes. I am craving for that!!! (Now i am making myself hungry)

Talking about this course, Now, it’s time to learn about photo editing! I am really excited and happy to learn about it. As I am a camera freak and love to take photos. I have thousand of photos in my collections and looking to do something changes on them. I hope that I can do lots of creativity in my own photos and make them more fun and beautiful to look at. Then, I can share with all my friends and families.

I was so excited as my lecturer, Puan Foziah showed us the results of photo editing such as using the Adobe Photoshop that really change the pictures as well as give big impact to the audience. They look so real and I wonder how creative they are to be able to come out with such pictures. I hope that I can be creative like them and able to do more picture tricks. Hehehehe.

But, there is still a long way to go. I need to learn more about photo editing especially about how to use and operate FX PHOTO and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. I am still learning towards it and I really need guidance from my friends as I am really weak in this area. The positive thing is I am ready to learn.

‘Take my hands and show me the way’.

GOOD LUCK!!!!! =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009



My life is getting better and better. Thanks to god and I am really thankful as my life is going back to normal again. I believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
Talking about this course, last week unfortunately there was no internet connection. Thus, i can't continue on my tutorial as planned. But, we did not waste our time and utilized the time by finishing the tasks on Teaching English in the Primary Classroom book. We were so advanced and we have done it until Chapter 4. It was god to be advanced in finishing the tasks as next time we do not have to be worried of the deadline.
By doing those tasks, I have learnt a lot and realize that it is very crucial for me as a future teacher to be aware of the children's emotion in the classroom. Despite of that, I also need to engage the pupils with the variety of activities in order to motivate them as well as capture their attention in the classroom. I also need to be realistic in managing the classroom as well as during planning the teaching and learning process.
Deep in my heart, the more I learn the more I realize that there are still many things that I need to update and equip with as a future teacher. I really need to put that in mind as to carry responsibilities a teacher is not easy and need lots of hard work. This is the time that I need to learn and take all the opportunities. What important for me right now is give the best to my study and live my life to the fullest and JUST ENJOY THE SHOW. Like my latest favourite song from Lenka~THE SHOW =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Oh no!!! There are still many things that I don’t know! I don’t even know how to download a song =( …I was so worried and luckily my friends tend to help me. Fuh! What a relief, and then I realize that actually it was not so hard to download a file. I was so thankful as I was given the opportunity to learn on how to download songs. It was good as I learn about it step by step and make me more understand on the process. So, after this I can download my own favourite songs! Hehehe. This is because usually my younger sister who was the one whom downloaded the song for me before. It was a good development in myself and I am so happy about it =). In addition, the song that I need to download was the last Michael Jackson’s song. I can’t really describe my feeling as I heard the song. It is an inspiring song for me and I can’t believe that it is an Islamic song, Give Thanks To Allah.

Deep in my heart, I can feel a bit pressure as there are load of works that we need to do in one time. I can’t really follow the fast lesson and made me lost along the journey. This is because I need to do all the tasks on my own and luckily my good friends always lend their hands to me. I hope that after this the lesson will be in a slow and steady rate, as I admit that I am really weak in this area. I need more guidance and clear instruction at one time.

Then, we also were given tutorial task on ‘Internet Skills Modules ‘and we need to hand in the task in two weeks time. I hope that this task can help me to sharpen my skills and knowledge in ICT and I look forward to learn more from it. I will try to do all of the tasks on my own as it is important for me to discover and learn every process. Practice makes perfect right?So, all the best for me!! =)